How to Help

Okay, so not all of us are called by God to open our homes to Foster kids, weekly minister to our city’s homeless at soup kitchens, or volunteer in programs to help those whose lives have been wrecked with trauma, tragedy and abuse, BUT we are all called to take part in ministry for these people. The reality is we all have a ministry that we are called to, but that ministry is not our only ministry. Indeed Jesus would have been far more scrutinized by contemporary scholars if He had only ministered to men, Jews, or those of the household of faith. Instead He began preaching to ALL people one Gospel, and radically seeking out those who had not YET heard it. So if we are to become like Him in all ways, we must get out of ourselves and our preferred areas of ministry to see the Gospel opportunities laid here at our feet, right now. If you feel compelled to help to the cause of the Unseen people who fill our community in St. Louis, Missouri below are some great organizations to get involved with or donate to. Keep in mind as well, not all donations are monetary, but it can even be items that are unwanted in your house bound for the garage sale someday. If you are one of my dearly appreciated viewers who live outside the St. Louis Metro area, please still either seek out ways to help, or email me and I will reach out to ministries in your area with ways for you to help.

Thank you to everyone for your gracious hearts and praise God for how He is using you to move in the lives of those in your community!

Foster Care & Adoption Ministries STL:

Homelessness and Shelter Ministries STL: