Gaining inSight for the Unseen

Ministering to the broken is not something reserved for specialists and highly-educated therapists or clinicians. You can minister to those whose stories and lives look vastly different from your own, but not if you are unwilling to understand them. This page is meant to act as a springboard, aiding your initial dive into seeing those who are unseen.  By no means does this page have a comprehensive list of all resources that can benefit those seeking to know more about the subjects we cover here on, but it is a very good start. If you have any content you believe could be useful and helpful please feel free to  fill out one of our comment cards below. Once received, we will review the resource information and then add it to this ongoing page. All of this is being compiled to help aid and empower each of us individually to carry out this mission so no voice is too small or insignificant to reach out and share knowledge. God has gifted all those whom are His equally, but differently, and we NEED those differences if we are to make the difference He has called all of us to.

Thank you for your support!

Foster Care:


– A vividly real dramatization of what many of our children from Foster Care often face. To understand and feel true empathy for these kids we cannot simply erase their past, but we must look at them clearly including their past. We must see where they have come from and learn to understand them helping them believe the truth that no ones past dictates their present or their capability of being seen, heard, and loved.


The Connected Child – by Dr. Karyn Purvis, Dr. David Cross & Wendy Sunshine


The Whole-Brained Child – by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel & Dr. Tina Payne Bryson